To be a pace-setting, exemplary Christian school which serves and prepares Christian students
academically and spiritually as leaders to impact their world for Christ.

Capitalizing on our status as an integral ministry of New Life Tabernacle, New Life Academy seeks
to establish itself as a unique institution which offers a superior education focused on Jesus Christ
that is both rooted in God's Word and relevant to today's world.

Here are just a few things offered at New Life Academy:

Academic Excellence                                          

-ACE (Accelerated Christian Education) Curriculum
-Yearly Stanford Achievement Test Tenth Edition Complete Battery
-Otis-Lennon School Ability Test, Eighth Edition (OLSAT 8) which is   
administered in Grade Levels 2, 5, and 8.

The Four Keys to Accelerated Christian Education.

The A.C.E. Model adapts to the learning speed of your child. This is unlike the "state school
model" where the class is lock-stepped regardless of the student’s academic abilities. The A.C.E.
model allows the child to progress independently through the curriculum and not as a group. The
conventional school model holds back the faster learner and forces all the students forward
regardless of their "learning gaps".

2. Diagnosis:
The child is given a diagnostic test to determine current academic ability and clearly identifies any
learning gaps within all subjects. For example, the child’s English grammar may be above his/her
grade level. However, their punctuation skills may be below grade level. The child is then placed in
curriculum at his/her academic performance grade level in each subject and the learning gaps are then

3. Goal Setting:
The Students learn through setting daily goals and are challenged by marking their achievement.
This key to learning allows the child to visualize and plan daily progress. This unique discipline of
A.C.E. Places responsibility and accountability on the student for learning, thus establishing a
lifetime appreciation for goal setting and achievement.

4. Mastery:
The Biblical value of excellence in all things we do is translated into mastering subject content. This
is the foundation upon which all future learning is built. The A.C.E. model reinforces honest
achievement that results in advancement. Students must master a minimum of 80% of the material
(90% in Word Building) before advancing to the next step.                            


- Biblical Values Emphasis
- Dress Code Uniforms
- Character Building                                                          
- Safe Controlled Environment

Some Questions Answered:

When can I enroll my child?
Pre-enrollment is open now.  You may enroll at any time.  Call us for an appointment.

What is the amount of tuition?
It will be affordable to anyone that has strong desire to see their child trained in a Christian school
environment. Please call for pricing. Tuition does not include enrollment fees, lunches, or extra-
curricular activities.

What grades do you offer?
We offer grades K5 through 12th grade.  

Is the school accredited?
The curriculum used is "Accelerated Christian Education" which is a internationally recognized
curriculum.  A.C.E. offers a course of study individualized to meet a child's specific needs and
learning capabilities.

Is there activities?
We have field trips, library trips, and many hands on activities.

For more information please call the school office at (856) 691-3015
Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.
Or you could email for more information
Enter Here  Or email us at
New Life Academy
Preparing Leaders for the Future
Our Mission
To serve the church community by providing the children of Christian families a distinctly biblical,
quality education.

New Life Academy exists to assist parents in developing the spirit, mind, and body of each of their
children by providing a college preparatory and broad based education that teaches skills,
knowledge, activities, and attitudes based on God's Word therefore equipping them as leaders to
impact their world for Jesus Christ.  
Our Vision
Serving Grades K5 - 12
New Life Tabernacle
 Vineland, NJ